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Diginate Custom Sticker/Art Print Review

One of the most popular ways to sell your artwork at affordable prices is through stickers, and Diginate offer all the options you need to create your own high-quality, custom designs. The great thing about stickers is that even a simple artwork can look super cute as the perfect accessory to your phone, laptop or notebook! Alongside standard vinyl stickers, Diginate offers a variety of metallic, sparkly and holographic finishes, and even the option of art prints or posters.

I reached out to Diginate back in August, expressing interest in their vast array of custom stickers. They were kind enough to work with me to create stickers of my work, and even offered to send some additional prints to review. A huge thank you to Tim and the team at Diginate for helping me every step of the way with my sticker designs! The quality of customer service I received was astounding, often with a same-day response during weekdays and endless patience. Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can receive 15% off your next order at Diginate!

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The Design Process

Diginate offers a variety of finishes from gloss to matt, holographic to gold and even clear stickers! For the most part, you can get any individual sticker dimensions from 40x40mm (10x10mm for multiple on a sticker sheet) to 650x1500mm, with no minimum order quantity, leaving you with maximum flexibility. This is perfect for any small business starting out, as there is no pressure to commit to a design or risk a large loss; you could even just order enough to share amongst friends as cute personalised gifts!

hibiscus sticker, glitter holographic art digital designs

When it comes to the metallic stickers, I was really fascinated to find that Diginate offers the choice of whether or not to add a base layer of white ink – my printed stickers had a mixture of white, partial white and fully white with metallic borders. I definitely recommend considering all options since there is a huge difference in how they look! My holographic sheep are definitely some of my favourite stickers since the holographic background is relatively subtle, the sheep having a white ink layer on top so there is a rainbow background behind them. Alternatively, my hibiscus stickers work very well without the white ink layer, due to the relatively low contrast in the artwork, so it really is worth looking on a design to design basis.

The design process for prints is very similar, with the option for art prints on either Smooth Art Paper (220gsm or 300gsm) or Textured Art Paper. All designs are Giclee Inkjet-printed and have a matt finish.

There are two methods to upload designs for all levels of design knowledge: the 'Design Builder' allows customers to add images, shapes and change colours as they please, generating custom cutlines so you don’t have to. The great thing about this is that you can even preview special finishes, such as holographic or metallic stickers, so you know exactly how your finished product will look. The alternative is to submit AI/PDF/PSD files optimised for your sticker printing. This beginner-friendly UI is perfect for all customers regardless of your design experience, which I really appreciate as someone who’s only recently learnt the ropes of Adobe Creative Suite.

While working with Diginate, they were very happy to receive my artworks and create mock-ups for any that were well suited for sticker printing. It’s clear the team care about producing the products you want, and I initially received an overwhelming 25 possible designs suggested by Tim, each design with 3 or 4 finish options! When it comes to outsourcing the manufacture of products for your business, having a strong relationship with the company is key, so I really appreciated the frequent and supportive communication with Diginiate throughout my design process.

The Products

I received a range of stickers and prints from Diginate, showcasing the variety of finishes they have for each product. Everything arrived in a large A2 envelope around a week after my final correspondence with Diginate, with a large number of cardboard supports and everything wrapped individually.

All the stickers looked highly professional and completely identical – I was so impressed by the variety of finishes and how amazing all my designs looked! My package included 10 of each sticker I asked for and 2 prints on each type of art paper, ending up with 110 stickers and 6 prints in total. These stickers are also extremely sticky on paper and plastic surfaces, so you can feel confident they won’t fall off!

As a set, I love my lily and peony stickers, which were printed on matt vinyl. They are so simple yet really work as sticker designs and I’m so thrilled with how they printed. I also really love my gold panda stickers, which have a white ink layer underneath, so the panda stands out against the gold. The metallic embellishments really work and are such a fun touch! If you like any of the stickers featured in this article, you can purchase these and other arty products on my Etsy store, PastelInspire .

In terms of the art prints, I am an absolute stickler for thick cardstocks hence I massively preferred the feel of the 300gsm and the 308gsm art papers, over the 220gsm paper. I generally feel that the artworks I chose for prints weren’t the best for these types of paper, as there were details lost, however I would have loved to see some watercolour prints on the Textured Art Paper since the cold-pressed surface would have worked beautifully with lighter colours.

The Pricing

Diginate’s regular costs are pretty in line with the standard for custom sticker printing online. If you’re looking for a great place to buy small testing quantities, the lack of a minimum order makes this website a perfect bet! For larger purchases, Diginate is certainly the best value when you buy in bulk, 100pc or more, if you’re looking for a long-term stock at a more competitive price.

Where Diginate really shines is with their amazing value Diginate Deals, offering unbeatable limited-edition prices on a wide range of products. Currently you can purchase 50 vinyl stickers for £20 or 50 holographic/sparkly stickers for £25, with any dimensions up to 80x80mm. These deals can be up to half the regular selling price and are well worth keeping updated on!


Overall, I am so thrilled with my stickers and prints from Diginate and will certainly be using them again! I love the variety of products and flexibility this company offers, whether it’s regarding dimensions, quantity or finish. If you’re looking for a great company to help create your small business (at highly competitive prices!), Diginate could well be the printing service for you.

Thanks again to Diginate for sending me some complementary products to review. If you would like to check out Diginate yourself, make sure to use my coupon code PASTELINSPIRE for 15% off anything at!

If you liked my sticker artwork and would like to see more, be sure to check out my Instagram @pastel.inspire or check out my online store (featuring stickers, prints, original art and more!) at PastelInspire on Etsy.

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