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EPQ Tips from an A* Student

EPQ Tips from an A* Student

This article outlines 5 important tips I think all EPQ/HPQ students should know, whether they are writing an essay or creating an artefact. I've also included multiple excerpts from my log book, a key component of an EPQ which is often rushed or left to the last minute. I hope this can make the EPQ process less daunting to those who are unsure where to start or lacking support in their project.

My A* EPQ (Art-based Artefact FULL Essay & Sketchbook Example)

My A* EPQ (Art-based Artefact FULL Essay & Sketchbook Example)

During Sixth Form, I completed an art-based artefact EPQ on the significance of light and colour in Impressionist art. All the art below was submitted collectively as my artefact, with mini essays, artist studies and my final pieces being documented in an A3 sketchbook.

Should You Do An Art Foundation Year? (Alice Hackney)

Should You Do An Art Foundation Year?

Should I do an Art Foundation year? Or should I just jump straight into a BA Arts course? In my last year of school, I debated the same thing. Spoiler alert – I decided to do a foundation and I am now a huge advocate for them. In this article I’ll share my experiences of doing a foundation year and compare it to what my friends have told me about going directly on to a degree course.

5 Top-tips to Survive the GCSE Art Workload

5 Top-tips to Survive the Art Workload (from a GCSE A*/grade 9 student)

If you Google “should I do GCSE art”, you’ll probably find a lot of students and mums saying how difficult GCSE Art was, as well as how impossible it is to keep on top on the workload, making it impossible to get a good grade. Well, guess what–I took GCSE Art&Design from 2015-2017 and I was thrilled to obtain full marks in both my coursework and exam project! It was not an easy GCSE for me, but it was probably my most rewarding.