Design Portfolio

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'Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative', September 2020

CTI is an organisation of students committed to tackling educational inequality within the private tuition sector. This brochure was a joint publicity project between Jennifer Leigh and Yaning Wu.

'Pathways', June-July 2020

This 8-page brochure was created for digital distribution for a new start-up project, focusing on high-quality tutoring and mentoring services for schools and students working towards admission to leading universities.

baskerville, calarts, typographic poster, graphic design course

'Baskerville Typography Poster', August 2020

Completed as part of the CalARTS Typography Course (via Coursera), which taught the fundamentals of typography and how to apply technical aspects to graphic design work.

This typographic poster aims to depict the elegance and luxury of the Baskerville typeface, which was designed in the 1750s as an elitest choice of font, rather than for mass production.

The Marley Stones, DST, Durham Student Theatre

'The Marley Stones', August 2020

Publicity material for Castle Theatre Company's production of 'The Marley Stones', written by Issy Flower (Durham Student Theatre).

Dear Brutus, DST, Durham Student Theatre

'Dear Brutus', March 2020

Publicity material for Rocket Theatre Company's production of 'Dear Brutus' (Durham Student Theatre).

Disco Inferno, DST, Durham Student Theatre

'Disco Inferno', February 2020

Publicity material for Hild Bede Theatre's production of 'Disco Inferno' (Durham Student Theatre).

feather art, monochrome, eglesfield music, oxford society

Feather graphic for Eglesfield Music (Queen's College, Oxford), September 2020

Commission for Eglesfield Music Society. This graphic was created as a PNG for website, newsletter and favicon use.


The website was a front-end programming project I set myself over the Summer of 2020. I already had some preexisting knowledge of Python, but that was the extent of my programming language skills, as I set myself the task of self-learning HTML and CSS. I initally worked from a template called GreatSEO, cutting and adding components as I saw fit.

By the end of this project, I had completely moved my old website to GitHub Pages hosting, with a brand new design and even a new blog article class I built from scratch on CSS.

"I approached Jenny in June 2020 alongside my business partner with a brief to put together an 8-page brochure to send out to new clients. This was a vital and strategically important commercial piece of work for us and Jenny led the way with faultless expertise, creativity and professionalism, whilst keeping the vision intact. We had numerous Zoom calls and no detail or change was too small. It is clear that she loves her work and this really shone through to the final product, which we are delighted with. In short, Jenny is a joy to work with, excellent value and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a young, bright and talented designer to realise their business concepts and ideas."

Richard Kirkcaldy, Pathways