A passion for art and learning...

I've always loved sharing what I've learnt with the people around me – sometimes, the best way to grow is to listen to others.

I occasionally write about the things I've learnt on my blog; feel free to check it out!


Art, graphic design, university...

I've been lucky enough to have worked on mutliple projects in my life so far. Developing as an individual has always been really important to me, so I'm always keen to get involved in something new or learn a new skill!

About me

Ways to help support me as a creator

I am always open to discuss any freelance work or projects, either from an illustrative or graphic design perspective. If you're looking for personal commissions or have any other idea in mind, please feel free to get in touch with me too! I also have an Etsy store!

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Free phone and desktop wallpapers

An accumulation of some of my favourite digital paintings!

Feel free to use these to spruce up your desktop or phone wallpapers (and maybe even send me a photo? I love to see them!).